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How to run SAM Broadcaster with multiple DJ's

 This is a subject that always came up that I didn't know how to do so I asked I read I experimented and ended up with a bunch of "theories on how it really worked. When I emailed Spacial about it that said that the only way was to use Skype and be in a call. I asked them what else was necessary besides Skype and was told nothing that's it. But when I tried it their way.... Well it will connect but the remote person was barely audible. I tried several adjustments had a old time DJ try it out and he told me basically it didn't work sooo back to research.

Anyways here's A way to make it work. There's probably others but this works. First if you don't already have Skype, download it from Skype Next obtain a copy of Virtual Audio Cables. On the site for $30 Virtual Audio Cables Then watch this youtube videoVC How To. Its pretty straight foreword they don't tell you how to get the 4 instances going its assumed that you know to just go to Virtual Audio Cables in the programs menu and hit Audio Repeater (KS) four times and yes that's the one they mean when they refer to the kernel AP.

Please let me know if there is anything that you think should be added to this, any detail I left out or that needs more in depth coverage.